The confirmation of the accreditation will be sent to the email.


Dear photo- and videographer!

The autosport community is appreciating your hard work that helps to bring autosport closer for thousands of fans. It’s really important for us that it stays like this and we ask you to follow all the rules and safety requirements.

Autosport can be dangerous and it’s really important to follow all the safety instructions.

This will help us to make this event happen safely and will guarantee the best memories and emotions to all the fans, competitors and organisers.

Here's one good example how to wear TV-FOTO tabard!

Safety requirements for the photo- and videographers

Even-though photo- and videographers have privileges to be out of the spectactor zones, it’s really important to be sure that you are safe and it’s important to remind yourself that the Foto-TV tabard won’t give you any protection.

Please choose the best possible option for filming or picturing. Make sure that you have free route to go in case of danger.

Prohibited areas are extremely dangerous and that’s why photo- and videographers are not allowed to go into these areas. Danger Zones are the areas where the cars may go off the road, also the areas where you don’t have safe exit route or the places where you may be hit by the rock from the car.

Some of the safety schemes are here:

TV-FOTO tabard holder's rights and obligations:

  • Tabard holder is allowed to be outside of the official spectactor zones, but not in the danger zones.
  • Tabard holder is not allowed to be in the Parc Ferme, danger zones or outside of corners.
  • Tabard holder has to obey the orders from the safety marshals.
  • In case of resistance, the safety marshals are allowed to give your tabard number to the EAU (Estonian Autosport Union) and your accreditation will be cancellled.
  • Tabard holder is required:
    – not to prevent the safety of the event
    – not to disturb the competitors or set anybody in danger.
    – to wear the tabard so that it’s clearly visible
  • Tabard holder is responsible for it’s own life, health and equipment.
  • Tabard holder is not subject for the EAU insurance policies as third parties.
  • Tabard holder is obligated to take responsibilities for possible accidents and agrees not to blame EAU, event organisers or competitors.
  • Tabard holder is obligated to share the footage with the organiser of the event and EAU
  • Tabard holder is required to follow code of ethics of the Press Association.